Freedom in Three Parts

Imageby Ron Barton28 Jan 2014


I want to take
all the world’s
irrational hate,
put it in a sack
made of common sense,
tie it up with tolerance
and throw it into
a sea of inadequacy
so that it can drown
in its own fears
and insecurities.


I want to take
all the world’s
carve them into
bite-sized pieces
and merge them into one;
sew them together
in a Frankenstein inspired
creature of love and
peace and
blissful ignorance
fueled by innocence.


I want to take
the world itself,
carve into its crust
like a pumpkin on Halloween.
I will leave its hollow shell
to the bigots,
the bogans
and the bullies
and I will build
a new home
from that which is
normally discarded
- a planet
purpose built
for “the lovers,
the dreamers and me”.