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This playful poem is one of my favourites.

Your Memory

Imageby Ron Barton28 Jan 2014

I take a walk
down by the lake
where we once made love
under a honey tree.
The tree itself did not grow honey
it was the bees
but it was sweet and sticky
- the sex I mean.
Back to the lake
with the tree of my dreams,
my dreams
is all now,
it seems
the tree is gone.
And so I sit
toes dipped in duck faeces,
slipped and stuck,
when I notice
on the other side of the lake
a tree that looks like mine.
I was in the wrong place the whole time.
I was,
I am,
I start to run
so that I can
be with your memory once more.
Thoughts of before -
a time so long ago now
my hindsight blurs.
I wipe away
a single tear
and regret the day
I ever hit you with my car.