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This is the poem I dropped at the 2013 WA Poetry Slam.
Warning - NSFW language

Generation Why

Imageby Ron Barton24 Mar 2014

The other day I thought I found God in a cereal box
Wearing shabby clothes and knee high socks
But it was just a bum.
And I know this is bound to offend someone but even your mumma loves Jesus.
But who cares when your mumma is a promiscuous mistress who's out to impress despite the distress it causes the preteen princess she's left at home putting away the sibling's playthings and popping them in bed.
You wanna know what I think?
I think your mumma is fucked in the head.
A little bit like Colin Barnett,
That tawny frogmouth looking fuck.
I'll tell him what he can suck.
Fancy saying no to education reform
Now how are my kids expected to perform at school?
You fucking tool!
Of course, I'm not telling you who to vote for coz the only difference between a politician and a whore is that a politician has fucked more people...and speaking of sex, in case you're perplexed, you can't expect to get respect
when you spend most of your time on your knees trying hard to please someone else when you should be more concerned about yourself and how you're presented, unless you want to be resented by your family. So where does this leave me?
Well I'm back on the couch in my y-fronts, yelling at the dumb cunts on tv making all the decisions but, despite my derision at the division between the haves and the have not,
I do nothing but sit around and smoke pot.
And that's ok because the other day,
I thought I found god in a cereal box
wearing shabby clothes and knee high socks
but it was just a bum.