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I recently read that the unicorn is a symbol for Jesus. A bit of research later and I was determined to write a unicorn/Jesus poem, although it didn't go in the direction I initially envisioned.

Kingdom Cum

Imageby Ron Barton15 May 2014

The unicorn's mother was a virgin
and he longed to return to the womb.
An untouched, desirable woman
- chaste and chased -
might woo him,
seduce him with her purity
and encourage him to rest his horn in her lap.

Freud would call this a complex tale
but that could offend the more religious among us.
Rowling suggested some might want to harness the horn,
hold it in their hand
and see what magic they could make.
Sigmund would be having a field day.

Save me from the lion's mouth
and anoint my head in oil
as though I had stepped out of Greek natural history
and into the Bible itself.
Chase me through the sky
and, when we're done,
we can rest in German forests
or in the shade of Indian trees.
Tame my wild aggression
and live with me in captivity.