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This poem is meant to reflect the unfortunate circumstances of Nigerien and Chadian refugees who throng metropolises in Nigeria. Majority of them are often adolescent girls who have no other option than to live on the streets and end up as helpless mothers in the bid to survive.


We_go_dey_select.._er.._wheneverby Kadiri Tolani15 Feb 2014

You were strapped on a woman's back
when your smile last bloomed
like an African violet

i remembered
how you purred
and evoked my childhood ballet

you began to trudge
before the sun rose

i saw you grazing the dung
beneath each day's thicket
tilling the sand with bare feet
you proved to be a proud scavenger

at noon's drought
you tanned your beauty for an egg
and quenched your thirst
with stale sweat

before your eyes
time remained a toddler
whom you had to feed
from the oily ravine of your lips

i saw you
squirting blood
to sift car fumes

i heard you crying for
a sanctuary
where only the rain would bruise your skin

i saw you tethered on
the scaffolding of twilight
awaiting a night without moonlight
wishing that the flitting bats
would cuddle you to sleep

but i saw them
permeating your unlit night
with wafting between your laps

i knew the night
that sired the birth
of your suckling

who also hopes to trudge
before sunrise