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A local myth about how tigers are born among the yoruba people of Nigeria


We_go_dey_select.._er.._wheneverby Kadiri Tolani15 Feb 2014

I sat,
hoping my palms
would clock my hidden sight
For i fear
for this jittery sky
trembling as the sun flaunts
her strength
beneath this cloud of stampeding balls

No wonder the hills spy from their reach
i hear the soaring birds wailing
the misty mountain quakes
like the craze of that fabled resurrection

'will this omen haunt my pregnant sheep?

i sighed in defeat
as drizzles flicked my palm,
here comes..the striped prince
incantation of a burning shine
born in the rain

he who shreds
the velvet skin and claws
the forest with spears

here comes...
the prince of Iyayo