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In memory of the bodija market women that were maimed by the boko haram sect in Maiduguri


We_go_dey_select.._er.._wheneverby Kadiri Tolani15 Feb 2014

From Maiduguri
blew the ghost wind
that conveyed their dust

the breeze ushered their dreamt dreams
that shone like the dead hope
of wilted flowers
crest fallen,it announced
to the gaunt hills of Ibadan
that our descents
who tilled in the desert
were lost in the drought

Would someone fuss
on those sad pigeons
whose breasts have turned soar red

here they come in droves
asking why their blood
wasn't the rain
that manured the desert

Fro Maiduguri
bellowed the howls
that tore the flesh
of the mesiogos'

With gusto, they howled!
howled and howled again!
relishing the spicy taste
of red hearts
and the refreshing aftermath
of cold blood

In merry making
the dusk was lit with corpses

ah! dome of the ancient hunters
will your bravery
ever surmount the mountains again?

Bodija! the ex-war front
now bemedalled with fear
the rolling plains that bore you
has been donned with ashes