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This is my own imagery of the political unrest that besieged Rivers state due to President Jonathan's meddlesomeness in her domestic matters


We_go_dey_select.._er.._wheneverby Kadiri Tolani24 May 2014

Fawn me not with
the shade of panicles
that drenches one's thoughts
with coldness

do not cuddle me
on your palmately loabed leaves
that massages the ear
with childhood nothings

neither would i lust
after the sugary dew of the
maple leaves that soothes
the flesh like a delilah

my heart pants...
for the slow moving waters
undone by the sediments of hatred

for now is the time to hear the
resounding swoon of apes
who are watching
the dense tangle of prop roots
holding sway amidst
the despotic rise of tide

for now is the time to
cater for the helpless beetles
clutching on saplings
rooted in the swamps

after this...
I'll laugh at the gourd trailing Rivers
in the storm surge

for when it gets broken
the troubled forest floor
will suck again
from the watery droppings
of the emergent