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The puppeteers in our lives dictating our thoughts

Somebody's pulling the Strings

Pz-avatarby S. Lucio15 Feb 2021

People riot in the streets.
but they don't know the reason why
Somebody's pulling the strings
touting the matter of black lives
Say they march to a different beat 
as the blues fall dead at their feet
and they follow the creep
hypnotized by the fleece
that covers their eyes 

Anarchy reigns in confusion
the reports of peace a delusion
Somebody's pulling the strings
Shouting justice is a social thing
and you're guilty of what you think
if not for the collective stink
And their burning down the dreams
with the cocktails they bring
Smoldering embers light the sky
The cities are burning
Statues overturning
there is no where left to hide

And the politics of race
They are here to silence and deface
Somebody’s pulling the strings
Lauding the infernal flames of hate
He’s Selling tickets to emancipate
And a set of shackles is their fate
Cries of Freedom they are yearning
And equal deserving
But liberty for your murder is a lie
The bibles are burning
The statutes adjourning
And your rights are being denied

Once upon a time not so long ago
I heard freedom ring and the bell toll was singing
Bring me the tired bring me the poor
bring me those who are yearning for a whole lot more
And She who lifts her light beside the golden door
Is now treated as if she were a tarnished whore

With no regard for law and order
They come under the border
Like rats through the thickets
They sneak through the pickets
Somebody is pulling the strings
Canting your daughter for the ransoming
the traffic runs deep on a highway to the street
where the vender pins the chains to your feet
Their plight that we pity
a stranglehold on our cities
And they do all that they can do to hide them
His pockets are deep.
In blood, they have steeped.
And his generosity is his alibi.