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This story relates to many people who suffer from depression. They feel unloved, belittled, overlooked, or irrelevant. Some people find an outlet for these feelings, whether it be writing or creating music like me, or playing sports, doing community service, or any other kind of art. The people who don't can do dangerous things to get attention, terrible things that can hurt themselves or the people around them. This poem is dedicated to all of those people. If you are contemplating doing something dangerous, remember, you have at least one friend... ME! You can always reach out to me through email at:

I am always happy to help people who went through what I did. I'm much better now, but I know the struggle and want to help in any way I can.



Pz-avatarby xK.A.Hx02 Jun 2017

She's anonymous, irrelevant,
and it's made her malevolent.
She tries and tries to make them hear,
but they refuse to let her near.
'Cause she's a nobody who has no life.
Not a movie star, or a billionaire's wife.
So she does the only thing she can,
and she dates marries and kills a man.
She planned this thing for over a year,
Now finally they all will hear.
Silence made her malevolent
She refuses to be...