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This is more a observation I have had on how everyone just does the same old shit over and over but do not see that what they are doing is wrong and is a part of how people have become complacent in our society instead of rebelling against it.

Die Young

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell10 Aug 2013

These children just keep getting fat on excess that can never be trapped. The authorities say to buy more of things that we should not need and watch news and television while they are programmed to be silent zombies of perpetual lies. They do not see nor hear the evil whispers of the cloaked death dealers blinding you at a very young age. They say in their murmurs of the status quo that they were much easier to deceive. By worshipping and respecting the overseers of their success they indirectly contribute to acts against humanity and then they will be bound and found to be willing participants. These kids say they are old enough to fuck and kill the enemies of their countries and yet they do not speak with the intelligence of such maturity. They must be gods if they cannot do anything to stop this carnage of the fat who die young.