Lady Poetry

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell10 Aug 2013

I have made up mind to educate myself and to thrive in poverty of self pursuing my craft of creative writing. She is my passion and love that makes me indulge in rhyme whose time i have spent enjoying her easy ways. I have her anytime I wish and she has me always. I take her to foreign lands and see seas and lakes and mountains where lovers try to procreate. We explore lands of injustice just for us to see revolutions evolve and not dissolve like they do here in america where they are squashed because of lack of the determination that would defame and slander the liable who deny responsibility to the people but that they should listen and go along with the master plan. We chase through broken doors and windows to see if they would break just to notice and recognize their instability. In our old age when i know her well body spirit and soul and we lie and die it will read upon our headstones that lovers shall we be as poets shall we be for they are one in the same.