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This came out of frustration when I was in college right before I decided to drop out. School was so dull and boring for me by now and all my friends would complain about were their grades and I felt like they were worshiping some God type person or entity. I dislike the way God is thrown around as a manipulation and connected it to government because of how they are connected.

Beat God

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell12 Aug 2013

I won’t be!
You can’t make me!
You got to catch me first!
I am that fast moving mad traveling man
I hate your worries I hate your stress
See a man with power and you will see it go to his head
Constable!!! Come out get this and that one
Those who worry and stress from A’s to B’s
They can go in this here chain gain
Their good at toting that good ole company line
Warden says step left boy! Step right and thusly they go left and go right
Left right
Left right
In matching uniforms of wool
These sheep tagged with numbers now no names
Call out…
That warden aint gon’ catch me
I am standing here waiting fists clenched and ready to fight
I’ll kill any man who thinks he has a leash on me
I’ll kill any man who thinks he can penetrate the walls of my righteous mind
Though his methods may be barbaric and ruthless…they are efficient
They said keep the body and throw away the mind
So I am here to help you…Demand of you to keep your meritorious mind
Keep your fists up Boy
Keep fighting Girl
Because one day you gonna’ have to be god