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A piece on life and how will decide to be in it.

Phone calls and questions

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell22 Aug 2013

A call comes to all of us
We all answer in on way
Where we communicate the reply that echoes into your own history
Text on paper written in inerasable ink on indestructible paper
Non-flammable books
Where you of the conversation…what will you see?
Will you have done the right things?
According to practicalities’ sake
Will you work to live?
Locked in 4 walls where above the door says “you are done when you are dead”
Will you be like a child, and go through life because it makes you happy?
Then never shall regrets be tattooed on your name
As the Buddha once said it these things that lead a path back around to each other
Desirous of the things other have and never will be yours
Will you carry smiles or frown’s in your bag of things for the road?
Into every doorway
Into every building
Into each face you meet through the doorway in the buildings you will cross into
What will you be?