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This came from me thinking on the line "us poets" and this is what came out.

Us poets

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell30 Aug 2013

Us poets write words and tell tales
Then they become stone in time among the clocks and history books
We poets listen to rhyme and meter
To fill up the reader until the die
Us poets narcissistic with a dash of peppered ignorance
Then make love from a line
Us poets give names to the unnamed and sound to silence
Us poets keep intrigued by the hands of humans
Who still abuse each other with blame and regrets
Tearing flesh from soul
Hearts and minds
Us poets defy stereotypes and label makers
Us poets call ourselves beatniks and dreamers
Us poets take record tapes to the world
To turn on the cameras for the first time
As if they were the first words ever taped and recorded
Us poets do not have a rhyme or reason
We are humans with beating hearts
We are men with love lost thoughts
We are women who have been broken
Missed hops off the train
Us poets are told not to be but we are poets
That is just how it is going to be