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This is a piece on my current dwelling and soon ill be in a place where I can be free, but until then I will be biding my time with peace and love of the blue skies and green grass.

Green and blue

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell07 Sep 2013

I been traveling down this old country road too long
Must stop to see what I might have been missing
Out in front of this broken down lost to time
This general store weighted down by the passing by of others
Desolate now
Once an immaculate place where towers were once ivory and blue
From the clouds where I saw Zeus
The fields and grass grew
Green and blue
People laughed and loved and played all day long
Love and peaceful as if they were glue
Stuck together as they are supposed to
A tumble weed gone by
Shows her past beauty and now her scarred face
The tears on her cheek cover the ground with rains
I do not know where it all went wrong
How I got to a place unglued
My mind plays through acoustic sets
Echoes strums on my old Gibson guitar and crickets set the sound around
Who knows their own final destination until it becomes true
Soon I will be home where trees grass and dew become my true blue green with a few
In a place where glue grows green and blue