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Just a piece on happiness and life.

Only happiness is guaranteed

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell09 Sep 2013

Believe in this Young apple seeds
The tale of the young burners is hard to tell
So I reach from my hat of expertise
Mastery of mistakes and regrets
Allow me to transform to the a time where my story is told
The morning silence of nothingness and broken bottles
Bring me solace in the solitude of the early day
Where my mind is clear and fresh
Yesterday’s chaos left with the dreams I do not have in the hours lost to my slumber
Waking me are the screams of a new dawn
Where young men and women wake to commence with their lives once more
The warfare characterizing my before
Only a distant memory of the mad days I know all too well
The crazed hours filling me with worry and concern
For where am I to be going in this life of sorrow
Only tomorrow is guaranteed in my life
So I live day to day
Hour to hour
Minute to minute
Second to second
Only knowing that the hand of father time will always move
This promise of time
Forces me to take the day by the hand
Down to the river to see each wonderful ripple
As I throw the pebble of my curiosity
For this happiness I feel is all that is guaranteed in this world