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Just a piece on how love can make me feel fine again.

The world's medicine

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell22 Sep 2013

There are things as a boy
I discovered revelations made on things that hurt and watching her beside me
Never hurt me as much as when she was not beside me
I could only hear my heart pumping
Blood in and out
Hers ran motionless as she slowly died from the broken down valves in her chest
I could hear human noises playing
Trumpets and flutes and drums all together
But none played on inside me
As she stood there sitting
Knowing of my heart
Ignored like a rain’s down pour that would stop, but it didn’t, not even when the earth went dark
Quiet as a mouse
She died from the heart murs murs that did not play
I was just a boy unaware the hurt love can bring
As does it feel woe
Does it feel the best medicine out of all the world
Out of it all love’s work be done to make me well