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Just a little story on the things we may regret doing or not saying and how love can decide your life.

Man at sea

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell22 Sep 2013

A man took a boat to sea and 12 years past he returned from where he departed
Upon arrival he found nothing of family or remnants of what once he had
So he waited
As his family gone far and wide to the highlands
Long before time would be recorded in the books among the stone and earth
They found a home with cattle and crop
Yet it was not a home
So they left and they would do so for years and years
Until the boy a man the woman old as the history books that soon would tell this tale
The never left his castle with the fear of their return while he may be otherwise gone with the wind again
As the man turned with the clock decaying
Bone became clay to dust
Written down of him was nothing
As he lie upon his dying days
Nostalgic of his regrets
For then he could seek restitution in his wife and boy with a life’s work
Time trips back to his time at sea where he wrote of sites seen
Journal entries of his longing
He leapt to sea after thought and though on the life he would have if the sea call him longer then nigh
Drenched and tired he would find his beautiful wife and boy playing in the hills
Where he would find them he proclaimed no day would pass where he be of riches and without love
No day where his family fragmented broken in foreign lands
No day where he would not love them in peace
No day he would depart and not come back until he lay in his final bed
His tombstone would speak of the love he possessed for him family and no man from his time would ever beseech him