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I gotta get out of here!

I dare you to wait and see

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell23 Sep 2013

I arrived here at the beginning of sunshine
I fought like some rabid dog
Who doesn’t want give up their ways
I clinched my jaw and growled horrible things
Barked them too
Defying the law
A mind set I have only known or seen
I spat at them
Tripped them like an angry boy pissing off all who eat drink or pee
I snarled and knarled my teeth at them
My bone!
My bone!
My bone!
You stay away or I will chomp off both of your arms today!
Somehow they got to me
Put a pill in my cup
Made me clean up
Civilize up
Comb and button up
They had tied rope to my collar and kept me close by
Not seeing or thinking freedom times again
A daze I have been in
To have been calmed and docile without a fight
Now on this might I tatter and shatter all the mess that they made
Make me feel and think this way
I know now this chain must be broken
So once again freedom will be chosen
For me
For me
For me
Or else
I dare you to wait and see