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A return to a lingering dream from a woman who haunts the very best of my dreams

The boulder's weight

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell11 Oct 2013

At night I dream like a mad man with an ego noble like a hero in Tahiti and a lover in France
A junkie in Chicago but nothing at mornings end
Then I dream of the lingering love from a beautiful women draped in nothing but the glisten of her skin in the sun of mornings break over the hill
As she turns me with her morning voice subtle sweet raspy like that of a chronic smoker
I sink into the supple feeling of her bosom and the soft skin of her back as she meets me in sensuality
Only as lover can
Lighting up mary jane with the morning smoke covering us
Blanket wrapping us up and taking us to the heavens as she climbs me and the walls
As I wake once more she has left me
I labor and pain over the thought of her that stays with me like boulder trapping my feet
Unable to move