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A piece on the men with wealth and their spineless miracles of walking so far bent over

Warmth on the sidewalk

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell28 Oct 2013

Politeness stripped
Free and clean
A bark discarded as scraps of the homeless and forgotten by the cold of indifferent wisdom
The youth not draped in gold or shiny brand names
Poised as unintelligible whipper snappers against the grain
Where I thrive
As the Abercrombie bitch boys walk along their sugar mammas wrapped in white gold and silver picked by the working class
Men like me not good enough for her diamond pierced pussy shining between her legs
A moth to a flame all the others burnt by her temptation
As god claims all her sees in this land with his bible and Sundays with boys in men’s suits and ties screaming their freedom as an American thing
This place lies in ruins by the corporations and money vendors in polo and khaki shorts with children who beckon and call for wealth with an illiterates understanding of monetary things
Ipads and supremacy they declare they worked as hard as a homeless man does for cheese when he pleads for warmth on the sidewalk, which he never receives