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A piece on real poets

Real poets

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell02 Nov 2013

People have this misconception on poets and poetry
That sensitive men and crying girls with suicidal tendencies write poetry
It is for pussies and lady boys
If they met a real poet they would know what poetry really is
It is the best word that can describe the most loud and silent beatings of the heart
A love torn girl crying on the pavement
An angry boy
Mad at the world for what it has done to him
For all the stupidity laid upon the tongues of the mob outside his door for be different and unlike the rest
The girl has loved everything that she does a passion unbelieved
Both bleeding red on a grave trail in the woods leading
Circling around each other until they would meet
Love that would cool his fiery heart with her passionate affections would one day be true
If they wrote of their woe and joy
Poetry would then be tales of giants and queens who would never believe a day like this could be real
Only to wake in a world apart where one day they would be one
With a fiery heart and passionate love that no water could defeat