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Just a sliver of what is in my head on the bad days on my way to here.

Sorcerer's brew

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell02 Nov 2013

Everyone wishing they had the next cool thing
When all I need is a pen and a page of my skin just put down for all to see
Ill create a world only some think in their mind with a song in the back playing so loud they cannot think of another thing
It doesn’t dance across the screen
Small or silver or big
It does not cost a penny out of the things who save for and put in a bank for the future never told just one idea
A magnificent mobile floating above my head spinning so fast I could not move
Imaginative concoctions brewed in the kitchen
Upon minds to explore their taste buds would take them on a journey of freedom and love all in once
They could not see real
Dripping ink from my feathered pen back in 1794 where things just began and it still is full in 2013
A story tellers illogical tales drape across my skin like tattoos each with some new tale to tell
Only if you knew how I bled with each done
I grinded my teeth in pain
It would be some sob story you could tell your friends
Thank your gods high up in heaven you do not know the sorcerer’s recipe for his brew