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A piece on the existing few


Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell08 Nov 2013

Never force things in life
Write as it is natural to speak
Sing a song as a bird does
If it does not come with ease of each breath pumped in and out of your lungs
Do not do it
Love as if your lover has never been lying naked in your bed under a sheet of the city lights sparkling dim
See all that you can with the eyes of a child without care
Nor judgment
If it does not come easy do not do it
Life is for the living
If fear guide your hand
Your heart
Your feet
Then live in a box surrounding you and never leave
Be a corpse buried beneath the trees
If you live beyond existing
You shall feel the heat of the sun underneath your skin burning you up inside and out
Just as natural as nudity was the suit you were born in
Travel well and experience people
Watch their beauty and believe in love
If love hath not guide your soul
Then disappear with the wind as the sands of time take away piece and piece of you
While the passion dragging me through the pan handle never stops
If this does not come easy to you
Go with the trends and fads
Stand with the masses and survive with the decadence of innovation and collective drones pumped out of the factories and machines
Do not scream
Speak silent as the loquacious do
Unless you are loud
Merely stop