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a piece on my only fear as a poet

Old writers

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell20 Nov 2013

To the great writers of my soul
I write to you in doubt
I write to you searching
Burning for the inspiration you had
The experiences that spewed the most beautiful words from your mind
To have seen dean
To have heard cassady
The wild rumblings of mad men with the fruits of their insanity on their tongue
The crazed monologues running through your head
I am engulfed in a magical mystery
Where the villain is the nightmare of my incomplete ambitions
Lost dreams in my subconscious
Lost to the black hole of contemporary society
Suits and ties chasing me into the depths of my conformity
Cornering me in an alley surrounded by the nay-sayers
Who tell me to stop
Who reek of the dreams they laid to rest
I write to you for the hopes of wild fiery experience
I write to you in fear of missed chances to dance with her in endless time
I write to you because I burn for the page
The pages that are the autobiography of my soul
Sincerely the mAd PoEt