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a piece on silence how i miss thee

Night headphones

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell25 Nov 2013

I will plug in my headphones
To bury sound in my ear and at nights peak
Unplug them from each audible crevice to have echoes ring around each eat
No cries for why not this
No chants for quicker that
An echo of silence peace trickles down my spine to my waist out to each arm and down it goes
Then thoughts are the music in my ears playing drums loudly
An orchestra of instruments presents their arrival
I cry in their sounding off one by one
Even while rage fills my mind with pain and sadness
I rejoice
I cry when I dream of future love
When she waits for me at terminal c when I shall return to her embrace
I scream with laughter and smile with endless happiness
I cry for weed’s ecstasy altered consciousness and the flutter of this pen
I howl
Yet my headphones are still in and the babies are crying for more of this and more of that
Why so slow and not so fast