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a piece on the paradox of time

Inescapable fate

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell02 Dec 2013

The clock’s hand dwindles and a door opens
As a wind comes in a face reforms into another
The moment goes through a metamorphosis of interpretation
How changed in the looking glass and then so do you
A page turns and the answer echoes in a box where trick or treat
Genuine or false the trickster’s paradox watches the hand on father time move slowly
The breeze warms and cools
A book is finished
Is it real?
A detection
The mentalist sees the fate and does not grin nor frown
Yell nor chow down
He or she depending on the pen in hand
Ink blank or blue
You run
Stand still and dream
Yet the book has already been written, filmed and spoken
Is it done?...