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a piece on how silence sometimes is all that is needed

Perfect words never said

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell03 Dec 2013

It was so loud as the monkeys danced attempting communication for words to come and yet they could not describe nor articulate with which they felt
They stared into the eyes of another and in frustration they were silent and knew the enunciation they had been trying and with this cease of speech and noise they knew
Cars roared down the street with men and women carried inside and anger and rage came across their faces
In the ignoring of each other
A non-communicate corridor
Their new tech was useless in its walls
Nor did the speech they wished they knew the words in the page of their minds
They met with lips and blind eyes and love was the word echoed across the cab where cars passed by
Honking hooting
Beeping booing
They did not care as the explosions of themselves and others struck them at g-forces
There was never a more perfect thing said than nothing even when it was necessary
Silence was the perfect words never said