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a piece on how lost i feel currently but it is my feeling to feel.

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Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell08 Dec 2013

I find myself more than ever without purpose
Without a push or a shove in the right direction
I do not want school only that it may allow me footing
I do not want stability only it would alleviate emotions
I do not want a career because when would I get on that ol’ road
I do not want to be on that road all my life
Like a prisoner on either side seeing the way each other step in the grass and concrete
I wish to be free to my own sins and volitions
Whether they are yours or not
Right or wrong
They are mine to learn from
They are mine to trifle with and come out scathed or unscathed
I wish to see the fate of cold winters bring lovers together once more
I do not wish to save this world
She had died and let her control that if anything
All of which who sit upon her, let me bring a happy day to them
Let me bring a smile to a beautiful woman
Let me write unfettered
Let me speak uninterrupted
Let me live on this with others who are mad and merry
Let mary find me in the depths of my soul a pair is coming towards me
Let me lost and in the chaos find found