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This is a piece on how inspiration is everywhere yet nowhere until we stop looking for it.

I cannot see

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell13 Dec 2013

I search all night and day
I travel through the gullies and the swamps
I look and I look and I cannot find what I seek and with no reprieve does that aching my belly
The tormented bloating inside
Stuffed to the brim
Even with what I have in my chest
The act of finding it
Overflows from my mouth
I have ridden through every pass and traveled in every river and I am watched in the trees
But yet I cannot visualize in a tangible array of photons and light my lens do not recognize from which it has come and from where
Yet it has always been there lurking around the trees
Buried in the brush
Around every corner I have turned
Hunting me
Still I look and I cannot see and again and again
I see but I don’t and still with blurry eyes visibility of a figure and a tree invisibility mixed in the environment from which I am and still nothing and everything is there
Watching me all night and every day
In every whisper
In every action
In every thing
I cannot see