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A piece on finding the words to say something whether it be for poetry or life in general

How do I find the words

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell13 Dec 2013

I come here pleading to you
For the words recurring for the things I feel
The enunciable words for my feelings
I do not know what to say
How do I find the words for love?
How do I find words for love!!
The beating in my chest so loud it would be as if I was hooked up to the TV
The ways in which she pulls me in from a far
I have not met but speaking with her adds years back to my life
The pictures I have seen of you
I want to meet the girl behind the pixels in the screen and match her with you
I cannot find a way to say the feelings uprooted in my soul
I do not know how to put this into dialogue
How do I find words for this thing
The scratching gnawing at my chamber door
That is a sound unhindered by time and with its everlasting
I am given no reprieve of her
How do you find words for this
As a moment like this I have seen many a time
I have tried and attempted to do so