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A piece on how poetry is always on my mind

All my days

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell18 Dec 2013

I love you like I love life itself
I love the way you walk
Long legged
Brown hair
Mad and wild
Small and gentle as she is
Yet devastating
I love the way she speaks as does the universe itself telling me to go for it
Screaming loud don’t let it pass by as opportunity often will
Grab it boy
Bellow it out
Grab it boy
I love passion
A temporary lunacy envelops my hands as I am manic I am after it
I love and live
Living for life with the loved
I live on the radical end of the scale
Where the beats did long ago
Running down darkened alleys screaming for all of it as I do now
Like a dog after a bone I am
Relentless and obsessive do I chase
Mad on benny
To not forget her
Oh lady poetry
How she me haunts me all my days