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A piece on missed opportunities

Folly of my youth

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell25 Dec 2013

I am playing a game and all these added questions keep popping up
I don’t care about the questions
I just want to play
I am on my laptop and all these things arise with the said inquiries
Do you want this and do you want that? ...No
I just want the laptop without pop ups and unnecessary complications
I watch TV and I just want the show
I don’t care about the wants on the in the between
I don’t want anything
I just want what is in front of me
I go to the bars and all I want is a whiskey neat bourbon scotch
It doesn’t really matter at this point
Tonight is one of those nights needing forgetting
Make me drunk
Bourbon whiskey scotch
Another 3 times through
Until the lights are blurry and I cannot see
Yet these propositions I make
All I see is you and all I want is you
No matter the stoned drunkenness I am
I still want you
Supple lips
Soft caress of your bosom
Your long legs
Your eyes
All I want is you
But I sit here drinking
Nothing becomes of it
Except foolishness and folly of youth