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A piece about reflecting on burnt bridges and the happiness before them

Remembering ashy goodbyes

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell25 Dec 2013

Disheveled hair
Naked bodies arose while the starlight sprinkles itself
A residual mark for the light
To shine on
Lower lip given goodbyes and hello’s
A bowl to share until tomorrow
These are the mornings I remember
When it was all falling down around us
Sunday walks with friends
Joints in hands
To the park
On these sunny cold mornings
These were the best of days that I remember
Political meetings on the precipice of tomorrow
Writing and helping the doughey eyed idealists
Watching on the outside in as I say hello to myself
A wonder they invited this ragged dog in their door
Shiney eyes peer on me glistening on the shards of glass
After a trip down the alleys of psychedelic corridors
I spoke honestly and they listened
These are the times I remember when it fell to the ground as rubble always does
I remember it now when the dust has settled me an ashy goodbye