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Dead in the ground

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell09 Feb 2014

Dancing hippies through the fields of joy and no worry
A place thought for people as of me
Tried the peace thing and departed did the feelings of hate
Yet rebellious ways grew roots underneath the earth and so they came to the surface
To see a man not fit for this revolt
Burying that dirty old hippy
Left is the angry righteous man of freedom and no acceptance among these nerdy people who read books all day and do not learn a thing
Except to memorize what is told and do exactly as they should
Me…I could not live a life of a number lined up row by row
I must stand on one foot balancing and shout as the other foot stomps down
A thunderous roar echoes in the room where silence bounces off the walls
A man at a podium ready for the revolution and it is coming
My question is whether the people will take up arms or whither to the death conformity has for told