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A piece on real poetry

Real poem

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell09 Feb 2014

I want real poets
Not bullies and dreams
I want to hear the poetry of lost souls
Who talk about homelessness and the warmth of a gun in their mouths of the sensation of a needle in their vein
I want to hear real poets
Not pseudo intellectuals who do what their told
I want to hear a real poem
Where a man gets drunk and fucks the woman he loves and then wakes to her gone
I want to hear about the dark corners people visit
I want to feel real poetry
Where people are broke and sleeping on concrete mattresses
Where shuffled homeless try to find warmth food in these cold winters coming with the east wind so quick it could kill
I want to hear real poetry from the hitchhikers and drifters
Who thumb down the road and move with the wind of cars whizzing by
I want a real poet
Not one of rhymes with sycophantic supplications of god and country
I want to see a real poet who fights for bread and dollars along with the revolutionaries in the streets who do not sleep
I want real poetry from men and women who fight for the one love with words and gumption of all that they do
I want to hear real poetry of fragmented souls trying to coalesce once again