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A piece on how much I enjoy silence some days

Drifting from side to side

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell16 Feb 2014

Ahhh…The silence welcomes me as a brother and friend
A companion lost at sea
Drifting from side to side
Seagulls making noise in the back round
364 days a year
Today it has found me and made me home
Out in the middle dark blue abyss that bounces off the water from the sky
So dreary and vast
Yet today I am welcome by mother and father
Teased by my siblings
Uncle’s drunk giving unsolicited advice for future business plans not yet laid to rest
Grandmothers chatting in the corner of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s past
I am at home with the hospitality and warmth only they can give
Silence has given that to me
A calming of the rippled waters and sharp rocks cutting at my sides
Tomorrow they wait for me with mischievous eyes always fixed on me
As mine rest from tonight’s gift
Tomorrow waits and around each corner the bandits, they are laughing