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A piece on time I tried to express my feeling that time is a flat circle that we have already done everything before and we are re doing it over and over again just without any recollection of doing it before hand

Grand Father Clock

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell19 Mar 2014

Lawn mowers purring
As the radio keeps playing
Each engine and song
I have heard many times before always different
A circle with no plateau’s and low’s
The surface plotted
Peered through
Read by
Told of
All words
All knowing
All doing
Separate receptacles of perspective consciousness
The looking glass displays
What is to be done
To be said
To have been received
Implemented or achieved
Repeatedly by the record spinning around and around
Origination to destination
That which is where your feet lay
Buttocks sit
Back may rest and has rested
A droplet in the pond rippled and never ceases to stop on the Grand Father Clock