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A piece on happiness

To live like a child

Writing_freelance_online_content_dayton_cincinnati_columbus_centervilleby Tim Campbell27 Apr 2014

I was just looking at the children at my mother’s daycare
They were starring at a fence and saying hello to pig, to bird, to cow, to all the farm animals their eyes could see
They wondered at the simplest things
I can’t even remember what it was like to do such awe of earthly things that seem so pedestrian and commonplace today
The children ran with such glee and are so merry and so happy by just running and playing and calling me to chase them as a monster
They live so purely
I am envious of such days
When I could as they do
To live like a child and be happy without much of a reason and be in bewilderment of the wind
Of the trees
Of the grass or of bees