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For my wife. On our wedding day.

Until death, do us part

Tat2by Michael C. Wreggelsworth11 Aug 2014

Seven years ago I wrote these words
I wrote them all for you
This is just a little reminder
that these words are still so very true...

You're inside my soul
you're inside my heart
you'll forever be a piece of me
until death, do us part

Nothing is as important
as this
nothing is more pure
than your kiss

Nothing can stop me
from marrying you
nothing can kill this
this love that's so true

when I asked you to marry me
I gave you my life
and now in return
you will soon be my wife

even in the ugly
I will hold you while I cry
even if you hated me
I would love you until I die

You're inside my mind
I get so lost inside your eyes
the kiss of your lips
brings my soul to the skies

so, on that day
when we walk that isle
I know in my heart
it will be our last solitary mile

I love you Jolie
you will always be inside my heart
always and forever
until death, do us part

You are my one and only soul mate
and you will always have my heart
you will always be a piece of me
Until death, do us part