This, is depression

Tat2by Michael C. Wreggelsworth12 Aug 2014

The light at the end of the tunnel
is just beyond a glass ceiling
unbroken mirrors
that cut you every morning
This, is depression.

Depression, is a sad, sad clown
a thousand attempts to make you smile
inside he's cursed
to wear a frown

Not like, "My girlfriend dumped me and I want to cry"
More like, "Sometimes I fucking hate myself, and I often want to die"

Forced smiles
covering a storm of tears
Teaching your child to be brave
while drowning in your own fears

Depression is knowing
I can't stop the tears that I've cried
I can't stop the bleeding inside
and I can't stop the feeling that this

a hemorrhage of thoughts
worries, wonders, funerals, blunders
mistakes I've made
for years I've paid

it bleeds inside of me
and then I let it out on this page
for you to see

Depression is me

Inspired by the passing of Robin Williams
Rest Easy Sir