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To my Father-in-law.

Until we meet again.

Tat2by Michael C. Wreggelsworth28 Aug 2014

Like many
I had so much left to say
but you've moved on
so I'll just write it down today

I hope you get to hear it
I hope you get to see
How much you meant to all of us
How much you meant to me

What I wouldn't give
for you to tell us a story of your glory
or hear about the days in your band
How much we all loved you, I pray you understand

What I wouldn't give
for you to harass me about Christmas, one more time
Maybe you could play me a song
then I might be fine

somewhere beneath these selfish tears
is a smile I will always hold for you
right now you're jamming with Kim
and I know you've wished that dream come true

you treated me like a son
you showed me love like no other
Now I'll look out for your boy
because he is my brother

The pain you were fighting
Now can finally cease
I know you're better off now
I pray that you've found peace

Now you've gone on
to drum that great gig in the sky
until we meet again
your memory will never pass us by