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This is a piece about the emotions of family members during the illness of a terminal family member.


Pz-avatarby Sue Waymark27 Oct 2014

He positions his sight
With suspicious malachite.
Fighting for her approval,
Justifying his hostile, noxious rage,
Afflicted by animus jade.

She, chafed by his displays
Quells her violent morays.
Mindful of the endless burn I feel,
She, the kedge so true
Hand tenderly moored to you.

Others anguish rises in faces
Malignant with malice for aces,
Despair at this putrid exit.
Aggrieved for your futile fostering,
Emotions will bear no doctoring.

Yet still they waltz to the rhythm.
Guide by what advances within
I dwindle as it flourishes.
Time is a cruel partner
In this lingering. Departure.

Anger, lime green and bitter
Explodes at my weeping willow.
Greedily pulling at my mooring,
Hastily, my progeny, you tear and pry.
Yet I cling to my selfless mainstay.

Envious emerald seas
Rise and shout his decree.
Calmly, I stake my position.
Convulsing choler engulfs my being,
This swan will soon be singing.

Gone, the battle field
Muddied water still yield
Battle scars, weeping.
The emptiness and grieving
Worlds apart, politely seething.