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The opening poem of my verse-novel On The Verge

The Spirit of the Road

Imageby Tim Ellis21 Jun 2014

Everything’s got a soul you know.
The animals and birds,
the rocks, the rivers, flowers and trees,
sunshine, rain and snow.
Or “spirit”, perhaps, is a better word.
Use what word you please.
Through ages past I’ve quietly flowed
but latterly I’ve stirred
- my breath’s gone bad, my tendrils squeeze
from a multiplicity of nodes.
Wherever you go you hear my drone.
My musk’s on every breeze.
Face the fact: your lifestyle’s owed
to me, to me alone.
Hush now!..listen!..can you hear me?
The Spirit Of The Road?

I worm through fields, I bore through stone
and all wild creatures fear me.
Love me, loathe me, whatever - you’ll bear me,
because I’m in your bones.”

Excerpt From: Ellis, Tim. “On The Verge.” Available in paperback from Amazon and ebook on Kindle, iBooks & just about everywhere! Profits from On The Verge are being donated to a rhino conservation charity.