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The first poem in an exciting epic story.


Imageby Tim Ellis06 Nov 2014

Picture a diamond spinning against the dark,
flinging back the brilliance of a sun.
Move a little closer - you’ll be stunned
how lakes and oceans flash, how ice-caps spark.
Zoom in lower still and see the forests,
so vibrant, so intense your eyes will ache.
They sweep through archipelagos that arc
across the turquoise waters of the tropics.
Now select an island of that region.
Focus in on green until the stark
disfigurements become defined: the lesions
roaded into wildscape with no pity;
the oil palm tree plantations. Those pock-marks
are cattle plains, those giant squid are cities.

This is the first poem of my epic 437-sonnet sequence "God The Banana". You may download a FREE ebook of the first part of the book at