F766abe0-701d-4f05-b43d-4b1b09898f73by Tom Duda05 Jan 2021

The days are full of wonders and also full of gloom..
I want to be left alone and stay within my tiny room..
What evil lurks beyond these walls I hope to never know..
My anger and my temperament has never been so low..
The walls are closing in on me my anxiety’s high..
If I don’t get a hold of thing I think I’m gonna die..
What shall I do, who can I tell the way I feel today..
There needs to be a cure for this quickly right away..
If I stay within these walls I’ll surely go insane..
I’ll settle down, chill a bit and relax my weary brain..
These nightmares have me crazy every single night..
There only dreams so when I wake everything’s alright..