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Just because someone is different than us. Does not give us the right to laugh and put them down

Don't Laugh

Pz-avatarby Tony Anderson27 Jul 2016

Don't Laugh At me
I'm just like you
I laugh
I cry
I fall in love to
Yes there are problems
That go with this name
They are things
I was born with
I'm not to blame

Please don't laugh
It hurts me so Great
Each harmful word
Is a mighty blow
So don't look
On the outside
See the person within
So we may become
The best of friends

Please don't laugh
Don't get your joy
From my tears
I can't help
The way I was born
Please don't give me
All your scorn

Please don't laugh
Don't give me pain
Can't you see
We are the same
Yes, I was born
Different than you
This is just a part of me

Please don't laugh
Can't you see
We're all a part
Of humanity

Please don't laugh
I'm human
Just like you
I just want
To be loved to