Don't Judge Me

Pz-avatarby Tony Anderson01 Aug 2016

Don't judge me
I am not what you see
I know I have Birth defects
I know I was born differant than you
I have risen above my problems
To show you my heart beats true

Don't judge me
For the scares upon my skin
They do not define me
Nor the soul that lies within
I just want to be accepted
I just want to be friends

Don't judge me
You have no idea what I've been through
The surgeries
The pain
The heartache
The rain
Cuts and bruises from defending myself
from bullies like you
So shut your mouth

Don't judge me
My birth defects
My problems
Are just a small part of my life
Look beyond all that
See me through new eyes

Don't judge me
Thou I may not be
As smart as you
I am not dumb
I do have a brain
I do know how to use it

Don't judge me
Yes I have birth defects
I am not ashamed
I work hard to rise above
So please stop calling me names

Don't judge me
I just want to be loved
Is that asking to much
To look beyound my outershell
To see who I truly am

Don't judge me
I am human
Not a freak