The Mists of Time

Pz-avatarby Tony Anderson02 Aug 2016

The mist of time
Cloud my mind
With haziness and fog
The thoughts that were so true to me
Have sunk into a bog

Time clouds over sorrow and pain
Feelings that tend to fall like rain
Time lets one forget
Sadness and regret

The mist of time
Sound the chime
That lets all comfort flow
Pain held back
By the power of what you know

There is no end to
The mist of time
It goes forever
Down the line
To cover the mistakes
Of yesterday
To prepare for today

The mist of time
Comes to me
Like a sailor
Upon the sea
Time comes in
Like the waves
Like the sea ocean spray

The mist of time
Hangs heavy and thick
I can’t see through the mist